Nordlogway offers you over 28,000 m2 in warehousing facilities, designed to cover a range of logistics requirements. We manage the supply chain with maximum efficiency, flexibility, and speed.
We integrate the logistics chain from the reception of the goods at our warehouses through to shipping. Our systems provide high reliability, high rotation and speed in simultaneous entry and dispatch processes, as we have automatic transelevator.

Our facilities are designed for storing industrial products and dry foodstuffs at room temperature.

We have 37 bays ready to provide speed in cross-docking of goods between vehicles and/or for consolidation.

  • Load & Unload*

    Load & Unload*
    Loading and unloading of containers and vehicles
  • Warehouse services

    Warehouse services
    Reception, control, shrink-wrapping, labelling, storage, preparation and shipping
  • Inverse logistics

    Inverse logistics
    Collection of material from the end client, control and verification, storage and return to origin
  • Cross-docking

    Fast cross-docking of goods between vehicles

Nordlogway is a 3PL logistics provider located in Barcelona that is focused on providing customers with an exclusive, personalised service, guaranteeing the security of your merchandise and the reliability of our deadlines. We have leading facilities and technology, a highly-qualified staff on hand and a large network of collaborators.