Goods are handled according to the strictest guidelines sets by our customers, one of the personalized services offered by Nordlogway. A highly qualified team manages your orders with maximum precision.
We have a fully computerized process for receiving data, preparing orders, labeling and shipping goods.

Our services include:

  • Warehouse management

    Warehouse management
    Warehouse management: Reception, control, and location of your goods
  • Pallet management

    Pallet management
    Pallet management according to your requirements: Packaging, shrink-wrapping and supply
  • Order management

    Order management
    Order management: Preparation, labelling and shipping
  • Vertical picking

    Vertical picking
    Vertical picking: We manage small items with maximum reliability

Nordlogway is a 3PL logistics provider located in Barcelona that is focused on providing customers with an exclusive, personalised service, guaranteeing the security of your merchandise and the reliability of our deadlines. We have leading facilities and technology, a highly-qualified staff on hand and a large network of collaborators.