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The World of Logistics Nordlogway

Normally, when we think about a company and the sectors involved in running it, logistics is not one of the first that comes to mind. However, this gradually seems to be changing, as the international market is increasingly more interactive with a public that is growing in terms of demand.

What is logistics exactly? Simply put, logistics is the process which consists of coordinating and moving the resources a company has produced or possesses to the desired location. This situation mainly arises when the products or raw materials need to be transported from the warehouse to stores, points of sale or distributors.

Even so, this sector is not just about taking product X from point A to B, but also involves gathering information during each process in order to improve and optimise the service. The aim is for the logistics to be effective and economicalboth for the company and the recipient, and to achieve this objective the idea of personalising the services with an air of exclusivity for the clientis becoming more widespread. In other words, a company without a solid mastery of logistics is lost.

As a proficient company within the sector, at Nordlogway we focus above all on prioritising the client’s wellbeing, understanding their preoccupations and identifying what good service means for them.

In fact we offer a variety of options, notably our Barcelona logistics hub service. This characteristic, for instance, allows us to take care of the planning, storage and distribution of merchandise so you have no problems when you decide your product is ready for sale.

For companies that are looking for help in optimising their internal logistics department, here at Nordlogway we can provide professional, friendly assistance that adapts to your specific needs. Our experts can visit your businessand diagnose the best solutions so you don’t have to worry about anything, either on the distribution or the financial side.

In a globalised world where commercial frontiers are steadily being eroded and clients are becoming more demanding, it is essential to rely on a high-quality logistics service. A service which Nordlogway can provide.

Nordlogway is a 3PL logistics provider located in Barcelona that is focused on providing customers with an exclusive, personalised service, guaranteeing the security of your merchandise and the reliability of our deadlines. We have leading facilities and technology, a highly-qualified staff on hand and a large network of collaborators.