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The importance of an efficient and reliable service of logistics transport

The service of transport plays a crucial role in the area of logistics. It is a component which allows physical movement of goods within the supply chain, connecting suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and final customers. The importance of an efficient and reliable service cannot be underestimated, since it directly impacts the customer’s satisfaction, companies’ profitability and smooth functioning of the logistics chain.

The benefits of an efficient transport are several:

1. It ensures the arrival of the goods at their final destination at the appropriate moment. A timely delivery is essential to maintain the customer’s trust and meet their expectations.
2. Guarantees the availability of the goods when and where they are needed, which allows the companies to optimise their inventory and avoid unnecessary expenses related to long-lasting storage.
3. Reduces transit time and delivery terms. This means a faster response to the market demand which may result in a relevant competitive advantage. Customers value a quick delivery of their orders; moreover, well planned and implemented logistics can make a difference in a highly competitive business environment. 
4. Allows to minimise the expenses related to goods movement, such as fuel, maintenance and labour. Proper planning of routes, consolidated cargo and the use of advanced technology for fleets monitoring and management contribute to maximise the efficiency and reduce operational expenses.

5. Makes international trade easier. Goods transport through borders and between countries implies coordination of multiple parties, compliance with customs regulations and management of complex logistics procedures.

In Nordlogway we count on our partner Agència Nord to offer this efficient service with maximum guarantee of security and reliability, in both national (Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands) and international, land and sea transport.

We are also pioneers and specialists in *APQ (chemical storage products) logistics and *ADR dangerous goods transport (except for class 1 and 7, explosive and radioactive materials).

In conclusion, it is essential to invest in proper transport solutions and count on trustworthy logistics partners in order to maximise the benefits and get a competitive advantage in the market.