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Nordlogway opts for solar energy in warehouses in Manlleu

In Nordlogway we have made an important step in our strategy of sustainability by installing 130 photovoltaic solar panels in our warehouses in Manlleu. This initiative is part of our continuous commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and use of renewable energy sources

Solar energy for sustainable future

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source which uses sunlight to generate electricity in a sustainable way. By installing photovoltaic solar panels in our warehouses, we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuels and decreased carbon emissions.

Benefits of solar energy for Nordlogway

  •       Environmental sustainability:Solar energy is a clean way to generate electricity, which contributes to the environment preservation and helps to combat climate change. 
  •       Energy saving:By using solar energy, we reduce our energy costs in the long term and we are more independent from the conventional electrical grid.
  •       Commitment to the community:By adopting solar energy and promoting sustainable business practices, we demonstrate our commitment to the community and local environment.

Moving forward towards a greener future

By installing photovoltaic solar panels, we have made an important step towards a more sustainable and environmentally respectful future. We will continue exploring new opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and promote responsible business practices in all our operations.

In Nordlogway we are committed to innovation and sustainability and solar energy is only the first step in our journey towards a greener future.