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Nordlogway is bestowed ISO 14001 certification for environmental management

Nordlogway is proud to announce the bestowal of ISO 14001:2015 certification, which guarantees the perfect environmental management of the company’s resources.

The certification has been bestowed on us by Bureau Veritas organisation, a leader in tests, inspection and certification with the aim of improving trust between companies, public authorities and consumers. In order to achieve these objectives, one of the pillars of Bureau Veritas is, undoubtedly, the implementation and improvement of sustainability and environment in business activity.  


ISO 14001 gestio ambiental Nordlogway

What is ISO 14001 for environmental management? 

ISO 14001 for environmental management is the most extended standard in the area of environmental management and includes a set of rules related to activities of planning, execution, control and improvement.

In order to achieve this certificate, it is necessary to fulfil the requirements defined by ISO which regulate the mechanism of identification, control and monitoring of a company’s environmental aspects.

In other words: ISO 14001 requires an effective demonstration that the company has adopted a systematic focus in order to prevent pollution and to adapt its processes to sustainability criteria and environmental risks reduction.

Once this policy and processes of fulfilment have been established, the regulation requires that an organisation such as Bureau Veritas, carries out and audit in the applying company so that its fulfilment can be validated.

Beside the main audit, periodic audits are also required in order to maintain the certification and guarantee continuous improvement.

What are the benefits of acceding to ISO 14001 for environmental management?

For Nordlogway, the issue of sustainability is essential. We are aware that we are part of a polluting sector and we are committed to continue adding value by reducing as much as possible the impact of our activity on the environment. If you wish to find out more about it, check this article on our sustainability report.

Apart from obvious advantages for the environment which, on the other hand, impact all of us, ISO 140001 certification offers:

  • The increase of customers, investors and community’s trust, thanks to the guarantee of our commitment reliability.
  • Major control of expenses; for example, saving raw materials and energy. 
  • More transparency in the management and an easier handling of requests which count with environmental requirements.

So, after working with Bureau Veritas to optimise our processes and strengthen a little bit more our commitment to the environment, we are happy to make this certification available to our customers and we encourage other companies to join us and obtain this regulation.