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Here at Nordlogway we are very proud to have received the Silver Medal qualification awarded by EcoVadis. The EcoVadis certification covers a wide range of non-financial management systems, including environmental impact, working practices, human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. Each company is assessed on the material aspects corresponding to its size, location and sector.

These test-based evaluations are distilled into easy-to-read assessment data sheets that award points from zero to one hundred (0 to 100) and bronze, silver or gold medals where appropriate. Nordlogway was invited by one of our international clients to participate in this initiative led by various multinational companies in the chemical sector, knowing the challenge that this would represent for a company of our size and in our particular sector. After a few intense weeks of hard work, the results came in with a Silver Medal in the area of corporate sustainability.

Our company was given 61 points out of a total of 100 and identified in the 89th percentile, which indicates that only 11% of participating suppliers obtained more points. To put it another way, we obtained better results than 89% of the participants.

In order to encourage sustainability in the supply chain, large multinational corporations associate themselves with EcoVadis, taking advantage of their influence over spending as a positive force to push commercial partners beyond basic compliance. Any company which is assessed can see how their points compare with other valuations in their sector. The combination of the results in the assessment data sheet with the areas for improvement prompts a “race to the top” in which entire sectors compete to achieve the best overall practices.

Companies sensitive to these social and environmental issues encourage their suppliers to improve their everyday business practices (such as supplier registration, compliance, sourcing, performance management and supplier relationships), driving the organisation towards more sustainable purchasing decisions while also providing a positive incentive to their commercial associates to align themselves with their sustainable practices.