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The year 2020 has been a year full of surprises for all of us, not pleasent surprises, unfortunately. Just few months after optimistic estimations of the growth of our company a virus originated in China appears and paralises everything.

The malign virus that attacks the human race and companies without mercy cuts short our optimistic expectations of growth and those of our customers too. Only food supply does not stop on account of the fear of shortages. Such goods as face masks, hydroalcoholic gel and the chemical components needed to their production become the most coveted.

Apparently, there are no indications that this situation may change, thus some companies start to implement labour force adjustment plans and others, smaller ones, cease their activity. In this situation Nordlogway has two options, either to close down temporarily or reinvent itself in this situation without precedent. As a driving force we cannot give up and we realize we should adopt a different role and give support to those companies which cannot afford to pay the rent or need to variabilize their costs, as well as to give our support to the companies dealing with the health emergency and therefore need to stock, and finally to those which do not want to grow taking advantage of people in uncartain situation. Nordlogway wanted to be there for all those companies and managements, to help to deal with the crisis in general. Like the majority of our customers, we have suffered the impact on our turnover and results, but now we are leaving behind the year that forced us to be more flexible, to identify opportunities and innovate and believe in people more than ever. We have created synergies with our customers and they trusted us as their logistics operator, much further beyond just a transport manager. We are very greatful for this and we hope that the new year will bring us plenty of opportunities to cooperate and grow together.