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In Nordlogway we have a tracking system for goods monitoring

In the competitive logistics world, goods tracking is a key factor to guarantee efficient management and provide an exceptional service to the customers.

In Nordlogway we use VeoSat tracking system which provides with complete and real-time visibility of the supply chain. In this article, we are going to explore how VeoSat tracking system improves goods tracking and allows our customers to have a total control over their shipping.

Benefits of Veo Sat tracking system for our customers:

1. Total visibility: Our tracking system allows our customers to have total visibility of their goods at all times. They can access updated information on the location and status of the shipping through an online platform which is available on our website and easy to use.

2. Inventory control: thanks to our tracking system our customers are able to carry out accurate tracking of their inventory. They can check which goods are in transit, which have arrived at their final destination and which are due for delivery.

3. Alerts and notifications: VeoSat tracking system sends automatic alerts and notifications to our customers about any relevant event in the shipping process. This keeps them updated on any diversion or incident and allows them to take action immediately if it is necessary.

4. Planning and informed decision making: having access to accurate and real-time data, our customers can plan in a more effective way and make informed decisions about their logistics operations. They can optimise routes, schedule deliveries and coordinate activities in an efficient way.  

To summarise, all these benefits lead to higher competitiveness and satisfaction for both us and our customers.