In recent years, the environmental situation on our planet has been impacted by the industries and mass production in the current market. As a response to these effects, new trends are appearing, such as green logistics.

Green logistics consists of an overall transformation of logistics strategies in terms of companies’ structures, processes and systems. This change in the sector aims to improve the environmental situation through new technologies and the optimisation of all the resources being used.

Green logistics is becoming more prevalent due to the environmental threats to our ecosystem. Several studies have demonstrated that these types of practices can achieve a competitive advantage over the competition by saving energy costs and increasing the brand’s value.

The objective of this trend is to make significant savings in energy consumption and to optimise the use of resources in logistics-based activities. These factors bring about a sort of circular economy, where the resources are used several times in order to increase their utility.

In traditional logistics there are various aspects that are harmful to the environment, such as: the fuel used in transportation, which generates significant carbon dioxide emissions; acoustic pollution; accidents where spilled goods harm the natural world; or even the excessive use of contaminant packaging. To deal with these issues, green logistics involves applying the following methods:

  • use of applications to optimise routes;
  • use of vehicles with less polluting technologies;
  • use of renewable energies(solar panels on warehouses);
  • use of biodegradable materials;
  • use of reusable packaging; and
  • minimalizing plastics and other waste related to packaging.

One concept which has always been applied but which in the green logistics market is now termed backhaul involves making sure that no lorry or transport is empty when making the return journey. Not to mention optimising the routes and reducing the number of miles travelled.

As we can see, this new trend should generate an optimisation of costs as well as working to improve the planet’s environmental situation. Consequently, here at Nordlogway we are increasingly focusing on applying new technologies to offer more environmentally sustainable and efficient services in order to provide the best 3PL services in a constantly evolving market. E-commerce highlights the high emissions that can be generated by logistics activities and by the companies which work to provide the logistics for this sector. We have to be responsible and try to minimise its environmental impact.


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