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From a concept to efficiency, intralogistics 4.0

Intralogistics is a name given to integrated logistics and it emerged as a result of the 4th industrial revolution, the total process of merchandise logistics within the same company. It is a concept which has been gaining popularity in the last years, first of all due to the increase of externalised logistics and technological progress in warehouses, also known as logistics operators. 

In other words, intralogistics is part of the supply chain which includes all the internal processes and movements of goods, from raw material reception and its shipping to production lines to storage and final product dispatch to the customer. In contrast with what we usually think while talking about logistics, intralogistics is also responsible for traceability, as well as raw material management and its dispatch to production lines.

Intralogistics technology 4.0

Logistics operators which, like Nordlogway, work with intralogistics 4.0, require last generation, cutting-edge technology. It is necessary to implement automation, artificial intelligence and intercommunication systems in different warehouse processes, all this with a purpose of carrying out movements with major precision, efficiency and at a lower cost.

New warehouses of intralogistics have its origins in the union of technological progress developed throughout several years, for example:

  • Robotics 
  • Big Data enhanced by M2M (machine to machine), of traceability. 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Loading automation and sensorisation
  • Predictive maintenance and analysis 

In order to make intralogistics really effective in a company, it is also essential to accompany it with good coordination between all the elements of the warehouse, from storage systems or transport to the one of goods and workers. It is very important that the warehouse is well organised so that the intralogistics process is efficient, the goods should be correctly coded and identified in the warehouse managing system with the objective of being able to find their location immediately and at any moment. 

It is necessary to remember that a huge part of warehouse expenses are due to marchandise travelling and location, this is why it is relevant that the warehouse is designed to streamline and make workers’ tasks and transport easier.

If implemented correctly, intralogistics offers huge benefits to companies. In other words, can contribute to development of strategies which reduce expenses, as well as increase the quality of the service offered to the customer.

In Nordlogway, automation and digitisation of our management has allowed us to double the output, optimise the space and reduce operational costs of our warehouse.

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