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3PL Management, the future of logistics and the present of Nordlogway

With more than 70 years of experience in the logistics world and recognised as one of the pioneer companies of the sector in Catalonia, Nordlogway consolidates its service as a 3PL logistics company.

The last two years have emphasised – even more – the need of many companies with supply chains for 3PL service outsourcing. This is due to the increase and rooting of e-commerce and resulting temporary inconsistency of orders in companies, among others. The main services we offer our customers are:

  • Transport and distribution
  • Storage
  • Packaging
  • Expedition
  • Cross docking
  • Administrative management of flow of goods

The key to success of this kind of logistics lies in the advantages that it brings to the hiring company, from cost reduction to getting competitive advantage. 3PL service outsourcing allows them to focus on developing its principal activity, dispense with extra storage space, deliver orders with more efficacy, expand its network and what is most important, to increase flexibility of 3PL service use according to the company’s occasional needs.

Nordlogway is a 3PL provider focused on providing an exclusive and customised service to its customers, guaranteeing safety of goods and reliability of delivery times. Moreover, we have leading facilities and technology, qualified human team and a wide network of partners. Our company is specialised in customisation and capable of taking control of all hiring company’s logistics activities.

Nordlogway is a 3PL logistics provider located in Barcelona that is focused on providing customers with an exclusive, personalised service, guaranteeing the security of your merchandise and the reliability of our deadlines. We have leading facilities and technology, a highly-qualified staff on hand and a large network of collaborators.