The Challenge of Sustainability in the Field of Logistics

Figures from the European Environment Agency show that 25% of the CO2 emissions in Spain come from logistical and transport operations. The data reveals that in Spain the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere have risen by 50% since 1990, in contrast to other countries like Sweden, which have managed to reduce their emissions. Considering that logistics is one of the most polluting sectors, the challenge for businesses in this sector is to maintain or increase the level of service efficacy and efficiency while at the same time reducing the levels of pollutant gas emissions.

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The evolution of logistics

No matter how far back in time we look, to a lesser or greater degree logistics has always been present. Hand in hand with technological advances, it has always provided a response to the new and chameleonic needs of society. Logistics has evolved, expanded and consolidated, becoming the axis of its great validator, globalisation.

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