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We take care of your products and deliveries through our e-logistics service integrated into your online shop.

Logistics specialised in the last mile. Trust in our logistics services from the reception, warehousing, picking, packaging, labelling and shipping to the delivery to your B2B or B2C customer and improve delivery terms and customer's satisfaction. As well as this, we also manage the inverse logistics of your customers.

Nordlogway, with more than 70 years in the sector, offers a targeted and customised 3PL service. Count on us to outsource the management of your online shop warehouse.

E-logistics service integrated into your online shop

In Nordlogway we invest constantly in order to adapt to the changes of the current market as fast as possible and to be able to offer our customers a guaranteed, optimised, safe and satisfactory service.

Our service offers technological integration to our customers' shops in order to control the compliance of the services.

We own more than 40.000 m2 to provide 3PL services adapted to e-commerce logistics.

Our facilities located around Barcelona are designed to store all kinds of industrial and dry food products at room temperature.

With our e-logistics service we offer our best tools and our experience to our clients:


Integration with such online platforms as Woo Commerce or Shopify


Warehouses equipped with the latest technology and safety measures


Services of electrocnic commerce specialisation


3pl services with the latest technology in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction

E-fulfillment for your online shop

Nordlogway offers a complete e-fulfillment: from the reception, packaging, labelling, control and so on to the inverse logistics of your products with your customers. Our service has the following characteristics:

  • Agility and rapidity in the process

  • Precision

  • Scalability

  • Quality of the product

  • Punctuality

Nordlogway realiza análisis de e-fulfillment pudiendo así detectar a tiempo cualquier inconveniente que pueda aparecer y realizar las mejoras necesarias.

3PL e-commerce logistics services

In the e-commerce world, logistics is one of the main factors which influence customer's satisfaction. For that reason, it is very important to count on a team of specialists.

In Nordlogway we make an effort to count on the best technology related to the logistics sector. For that reason, we are capable of providing you a broad range of services. Our WMS and TMS will reinforce your system and will provide you with the information that you need.

Either in our or your warehouses, we offer the best options for a good selection, repackaging, identification processes, cross-docking and the best inverse logistics service.

We are a team of specialists in e-commerce logistics for you.

Integration with e-commerce platforms

In Nordlogway we have optimised the integration with our customer's platforms. One of the most important aspects is to count on a good system of data collection in order to have all the information about your product when it is needed.

We have managed the integration with the online platforms:

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